Hosting - Our Services

We offer hosting for Microsoft Exchange, Online Backup and websites, all with support included. Our pricing structure is straightforward.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange

We charge £4.95 per month per mail box, which includes incoming aliases. This will ensure that all devices that are connected will synchronise with each other and ensure that all your email, contacts and calendars reflect the same information on each device. The price quoted is based on a fair usage policy and more information is available upon request.

Online Backup

Our backup facility ensures that all your critical data is backed up to two secure remote locations, and more importantly in the United Kingdom. The backup facility that we offer is incremental ensuring that any changes made are reflected each day in the scheduled backup. Our prices are dependent upon the amount of data being backed up and is based on an allowance of up-to the specified limits below.

50 GB

£20.00 per month

100 GB

£35.00 per month


£50.00 per month

Website Hosting

We charge £10* per month (£120 per annum) for a single domain and up-to 3 email addresses and offer a competitive pricing for multiple domain or email requirements.